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The color is a very complex function of many variables and . White light is a combination of many individual colors or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. The distribution of intensity of these wavelengths is known as the spectrum varies significantly and the sun , light bulbs and other light sources much .
Any one color visually examined depends on the individual color vision or the environment in which the color is observed.

Visual color comparison :
There are many aspects that should be avoided when comparing samples visually , as described by the following aspects .

1 - Dichroism

It is an apparent change color when changing the direction of the vision . Has a tendency to occur in the tissues over the wires, but it can affect the approval or not the color of a yarn.

2 - Metamerism

It is a color change that occurs when changing lighting conditions .
For example , if we observe an object the light green day , a certain amount of light is reflected as green. If we observe the same object under a fluorescent light that is rich in red and blue, but deficient in wavelength green and yellow , so there is less light available to reflect , so this object will appear to have a different color and show a lack of continuity color .

To compare the color that is a serious problem, because the two samples compared to light , it is possible that these two samples do not alter the color gradually under artificial light. This is due to the fact that certain mixtures of dyes have different absorption characteristics , this is the so-called " illuminant metamerism ."
When two independent observers do not have a color in the same way is called " metamerism of the beholder ."
When a color looks different according to the viewing angle is called the geometric metamerism .
When Valfios reproduced in one color, the dye mixture is carefully examined in order to reduce metamerism .

3 - Conditions of visual analysis

A sample of different color backgrounds examined on the color analysis by the observer can be influenced and to see color differences in the sample, this effect is called simultaneous contrast .

The color visual comparison to be made at standard conditions , ie under a standard illuminant compared cabin and a standard visual analysis ( light box ) .

4 - Changes over the standard

The characteristics of the surface of a wire can have an influence on visual comparison and can produce disagreements about the acceptance or rejection by analysts , for example, when comparing the color of the continuous filament ( that has much brightness ) of the color of the spun yarn ( which has fibrous surfaces mates ) .
Either way , it is not always stable selection of colors by the human eye ( the age and sex of the observer aspects are variables). For requirements comparator critics shades selected can be analyzed when sewn into the fabric .

The passage of the wire through the sewing machine can affect its color to change the character of the surface and balance of twist.
The stitching in areas of the piece with different densities can cause differences in shade . The lubricant may also affect the hue .

5 - Measurement of Color

All colors sold in Valfios be adopted by a color reading in the spectrophotometer , comparing with a standard sample .
The spectrophotometer measures and modern automatically records the color spectrum of a sample compared with the standard .

Besides this reading all colors are visually compared in a light box , all this work is done to ensure continuity of color from which to start.

6 - washing fastness and color change

After selecting a line color of the stitching suitable material to be used as sewing or contrast , it is important that the color of the thread to remain solid throughout the useful life of the material.

For this reason tests are made wash fastness and color change to the line at all matches dyed .
You should then check the robustness of dyed ( color changes , staining ) of the seam line .
One can imagine the catastrophe that is when a garment stain, because of an embroidery and / or have stitched a fabric with a clear dark thread , poor strength .

Similarly , a line of stitching must remain in the same tint of the fabric after washing or dry cleaning .




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