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SERNIS | Road Safety, Signaling With Led,IPL - In Pavement Lighting, Controllers, Radar Systems Speed Sign, Ground Markers, Solar Cats Eyes,Tunnel Lighting,Flexible Bollards,VMS Signs,Flags, Bike Path Lighting, Intelligent Crosswalk SYDNEY AUSTRALIA

The Ground marker stands out for its lighting to 360 and the i-STUD technology that enables countries with more severe winters, adverse temperatures or low solar radiation, can take advantage of ground markers solar energy.

The SERNIS the Ground Marker uses state of the art technology to get the maximum advantage of it.

As high-quality floor marker, it is composed only of high quality electronic components.

Key features:

High performance photovoltaic module
Maximum thickness of 15 mm from the deck
Energy stored in batteries or super capacitors
System of unidirectional or bidirectional reflection
Low energy consumption
100% proof above water
Visibility up to 1km

i-STUD Evolution:

Function awakening
Automatic brightness control
Definition of working time
Programmable after installation


  • Endereço:
    Rua Quinta do Carreiro, Lt. 14
  • 4700-154 Braga | Portugal
  • GPS:


  • Telefone:
    +351 253 300440
  • Fax:
    +351 253 300449
  • Telemóvel:
    +351 253 300440


  • Horário:
    9:30 - 13:00 | 14:30 - 19:00
  • Encerramento:
    Sundays and holidays


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SERNIS | Ground Markers | Solar Cats Eyes | Tunnel Lighting | Flexible Bollards | Road Safety | Signaling With Led | Controllers | Radar Systems Speed Sign | Road Signs | Intelligent Crosswalk | VMS Signs | Flags | Bike Path Lighting SYDNEY AUSTRALIA

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