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Manufacture of Pumps, Compressors and Systems Centers, Fans, Submersible Water, Sewage

The EFAFLU is a national company with over 60 years experience, fully dedicated to the development, production, marketing, technical support and after-sales service of pumps, pumping systems and fans. Our products are distributed throughout the country and abroad through specialized and qualified partners.

Systems, processes and Pumps Ventilation
Systems, processes and BombasDesenfumagem
Systems, processes and Central Fire Protection
Systems, processes and machines Climate

Systems, processes and Pumps Pumping
Systems, processes and machines Ventilation
Systems, processes and equipment Ventilation

Submersible Pumps Hole and Wells. Pumps stainless steel, suitable for drinking water supply and irrigation systems Submersible pumps reliable and efficient energy standpoint.
The manufacture and distribution of Efaflu in drinking water pumps with pressure and flow required. All Efaflu pumps with axial suction, work with high performance when compared to other pumps of similar competition.

Types of Pumps and technical characteristics:

Normalized Pumps - Chemical Industry
Normalized Pumps - Industry
Multi-stage pumps BMH / BMV
Central Fire
Central Wastewater Pumping
Submersible Pumps BSI
Monoblock pumps ILS / ILD
Home and Garden
AJ aerator
Drainage and Sewerage
Fans Boost
Air Curtains
Pumps and fans for transformers
Monofolha Solutions for Fighting and Fire Protection
Pumps and fans for transformers



All pumps and technical characteristics, as well as safety and quality of pumps:
Wastewater and Drainage
Medium and Large Flow
Agitators / Miscellaneous

A pressurization system is an easy and effective way to ensure constant water pressure in the water network. The systems are based on high yield and higher reliability of pumps Efaflu. The pressurization systems can include up to 6 pumps in paralelo.Para extract groundwater from deep wells and surface water for consumption. For any need, there is a submersible pump appropriately. It is also possible to envisage a solution as in particular circumstances or for particular conditions of employment.
To remove water from flooded basements or water or transferred between containers, submersible pumps Efaflu can help.

Effluent Pumping
Supplying water under pressure for fire fighting, there may be more than one pump, such as buffer or as reinforcement. This pump can be of centrifugal or positive displacement, which can be driven by an electric motor (electric pump) or by a diesel engine (pump). The maximum pressure of the pump is not higher than the maximum allowable pressure of the network. Where to install two pumps, each pump must be capable of supplying independently flows and pressures required by the fire network. When installing three pumps, each pump must be capable of providing at least 50% of the flowrate required by the fire fighting system to the specified pressure. Where to install more than one pump, one only can be driven by electric motor


Hydraulic pumps and blowers for industrial and domestic use.
Equipment supply, drainage sewerage, fire fighting.
What is a fan? A fan is a rotating machine that puts air or gas in motion, we can define it as a turbo-machine that transmits energy.
We offer a wide range of products, from the fan online circular, rectangular passing by fans, blowers cover, anti-blast fans and smoke extraction fans.
Fire Protection
Smoke removal
Banks and Air Curtains

Pumps supply industry, services, companies

Pumps supply industrial and other facilities are new and Rural Pumps supply for industry / industrial, are used in industry to save drinking water with the help of cisterns or tanks. Are Low-noise thanks to multistage centrifugal pumps. We also pumping water, pumping stations and condensed hot water, boiler feed on sugar and alcohol. In industries the equipment is suitable for the warehouse, ports and airports, petroleum chemical industry, power plant, liquefied gas, textile and all kinds of companies in industrial and enterprise. Besides our own segment Pump Fuel Supply, Gasoline, Diesel and Ethanol.
BMV Q: up to 180 m3 / h, H: up to 300 mwc
E-Q NPVL up to 70 m3 / h, H: up to 70 m,
NNJ Q: up to 2800m3 / h, H: up to 150 mwc
CJG Q: up to 600 m3 / h, H: up to 150 mwc
DDH Q: up to 10000m3 / h, H: up to 100 mwc
KPH, KPV Q: up to 800 m3 / h, H: up to 640 mwc

Pumps and equipment for groundwater
Groundwater in the installation of submersible pumps Hole, Wastewater and Drainage are mostly itilizadas and called for installation of Effluent Pumps and Drainage, polls, piercings, pumps, water and artesian bores. The equipment underground water pumps may be divided into two categories, but most types of underground water pump has a piston. The submersible pumps are reliable and efficient in terms of energy and serve to extract groundwater from deep wells and surface water for consumption. also manufacture heat pumps, water heaters, electrical systems with various power levels with passive cooling pumps for groundwater and drainage of groundwater, with the following references:

MS E-5 "Q: up to 7.2 m3 / h, H: up to 84 mwc
Q BSI: up to 71 m3 / h, H: up to 290 mwc
NBS 4 "and 6" Q: up to 66 m3 / h, H: up to 505 mwc

Pressurization Systems and Pumps
A pressurization system is an easy and effective way of ensuring water pressure. Our systems and products for pressurization are what is most modern in the world market and the pressurization of clean water in homes, buildings, condominiums, ranches and farms. Whatever the application, our system provides a constant pressure pressurization at all levels. If you need pressurization in residential buildings or office buildings, the Efaflu manufactures, distributes, team, installs and has the right solution for you. We always maintain the pressure level stable and thus provide perfect stability and lowest possible power consumption.
Water supply for: corporate buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Residential Buildings, and many others.

QB Q: up to 4.2 m3 / h, H: up to 85m, JET Q-P: up to 3.9 m3 / h, H: up to 70m, Jet Q i: up to 4.2 m3 / h, H: up to 85 mwc , E-JET Q: up to 4.5 m3 / h, H: up to 59 m, Q MM: up to 21 m3 / h, H: up to 108 mwc, BMH Q: up to 22 m3 / h, H: up to 56 m, PQ: up to 85 m3 / h, H: up to 50 mca, 2P Q: up to 40 m3 / h, H: up to 97 m, BMV Q: up to 180 m3 / h, H: up to 300 mca, Professional AQUA Q: up to 18 m3 / h, H: up to 83 mwc AQUA Domus Q: up to 16 m3 / h, AQUA Master Q: up to 32 m3 / h, H: up to 95 mwc AQUA Premium Q: up to 90 m3 / h, H: Up to 102 ma NNJM Q: up to 260 m3 / h, H: up to 108 m, and Q-NM: up to 240m3 / h, H: up to 95 mwc, and PTA-Q: up to 66 m3 / h, H: up to 18 mwc

Submersible Wastewater Pumps and Drainage
The pumping of wastewater solids, domestic sewage in buildings, industry, hotels, stores, hospitals, sewage treatment plants. The booster pumps, Groundwater and Wastewater and Drainage are Basante eficazes.Vendemos Case Medium and Large Flow Avac Stirrers / Miscellaneous Central Pressurization. A drainage system ensures low water collection and transport systems and submersible pumps, level sensors and control solutions.

MINI M Q: up to 5.4 m3 / h, H: up to 6.4 mwc
E-SDB Q: up to 21 m3 / h, H: up to 19 mwc
E-SDR Q: up to 18 m3 / h H: up to 10.5 mca
E-EM/E-EV Q: up to 55 m3 / h H: up to 22 mwc
VT Q: up to 320 m3 / h H: up to 47 mcTR, Q: up to 16 m3 / h, H: up to 47 mwc
MC Q: up to 380 m3 / h H: up to 65 mwc
MCE Q: 330 m3 / h H: 40 mwc
VTE Q: up to 330 m3 / h H: up to 40 mwc
DR Q: up to 200 m3 / h H: up to 40 mwc
Ambibox Q: up to 18 m3 / h H: up to 10.5 mca
Ambibox XL
AC Q: up to 1800m3 / h H: up to 70m
Versions Stainless Steel AISI 316
Version B10 Bronze Marine

Manufacturer of pumps Avac Heating and Air Conditioning
We manufacture and distribute worldwide for industrial pumps for heating systems, air conditioning and ventilation. The Efaflu in Portugal manufactures hydraulic pumps studied expressly pumps for heating systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems in municipalities. We provide Technical Assistance to Avac Pumps, Supply, Sewage Vacuum Pumps, Circulator Pumps for HVAC, pumps Air Conditioning and closed and open circuits, Applications of HVAC pumps, valves and systems Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating municipal , Steam and hot water.

Circulator CDT Q: max. 4.5 m3 / h H: 8m
CDE SMART Q: 3,5 m3 / h H: 6m
Circulator CD Q: up to 9.5 m3 / h H: up to 12m
Circulator CDD Q: up to 14.4 m3 / h H: up to 10.8 m
Circulator CD-F Q: up to 30 m3 / h H: up to 12m
Circulator CDD-F Q: up to 55 m3 / h H: up to 12m
Circulators CS Q: up to 5.2 m3 / h H: up to 6.2 m
Circulator CS-F Q: up to 30 m3 / h H: up to 12m
Circulators Vortex Q: 0.9 m3 / h H: 1.25 m
E-ILS Q: up to 24 m3 / h H: up to 20 mwc
ILS, ILD Q: up to 200 m3 / h H: up to 70 mwc

Plants, equipment and systems Contra / Fighting Incendio
Central Fire. Ma manufacture wide range of groups comprising anti-fire models service pumps driven by electric motors. This product line was specifically designed for fire fighting systems according to European Standard EN 12845 (firefighting systems fixed - automatic sprinkler systems (sprinkler)-design, installation and maintenance).

Contra Incendio
The central fire PACKFIRE series are the best in the world because the Central Fire due to its reliability required in response, must obey the energetic European standards certification and manufacturing in the prevention and detection of fires. The engine room of the Central Fire should be protected. The prevention and fire protection as well as ss central pumping fire are designed to meet the needs of extinguishing and comply with rules and standards certified. our range of fire safety equipment includes: Central alarm and detection addressable and conventional, central lighting and plan prevention and fire protection.

Central, pumps and systems Hidropessoras
The assembly of pumps and hidropessoras Sprinklers networks is quite technical and meets the criteria for construction and installation. A team of specialized technicians install cisterns, floods and rapid intervention solves case of failure. produce, manufacture and distribute throughout Europe, Middle East and Africas assembly of pumps, hidropessoras, Mount networks, Sprinklers, repair water leaks, repair centers, HIDROPESSORAS CENTRAL, CENTRAL SANITATION, CENTRAL FIRE, and ALL TYPE OF PUMPS AND MOTORS.

AQUA Domus - booster Q: up to 16 m3 / h H: up to 46 mwc
Professional AQUA Q: up to 18 m3 / h H: up to 83 mwc
GHP Q: up to 27 m3 / h H: up to 110 m

Pumping Esgosto

Ambibox XXL
Ambibox XL
Ambibox Q: up to 18 m3 / h H: up to 10.5 mca

Ventilation Industial

P2/PE2 Q: 87-5800 m3 / h, Q AP: 20 - 4500m3 / h, CH Q: 4000 - 600000m3 / h, CHT Q: 5000m3 / h - 730 000 m3 / h, KQ: up to 300,000 m3 / h P: up to 6000 Pa, SB / MB / Q XB: up 400000m3 / h,

The smoke extraction fans, may be mount in situ fire hazard, or off-site risk. We develop solutions for smoke control and ventilation, smoke removal, fire pumps, elevators and pressurization.

General ventilation

TSE Q: up to 30 m3 / h, EQ / DQ Q: up to 4700 m3 / h, EQW Q: up to 18000 m3 / h, E and DQ: up to 25000 m3 / h P: up to 250 Pa, ER / DR Q: up 4700 m3 / h, Q VC: 0.5 - 90m3 / s P: up to 1000 Pa, MFC, SMB, VAC2 Q: up to 18,000 m3 / h, In-line Q CI: 75 - 1600 m3 / h, In-Line SMT, Q: up to 830 m3 / h, In-line RS Q: up to 1700m3 / h, IV Q: 75 - 1600 m3 / h, In-line IR Q: up to 12 500 m3 / h, In-line LPI Q: up 900 m3 / h, CXI Q: up to 8200 m3 / h, EFABOX Mini Q: 50-4300 m3 / h, Q DDL: 300-6000 m3 / h, Q DD: 300-6000 m3 / h, AEL Q: 500 - 6000 m3 / h, Q AE: 500-30000 m3 / h, EBD Q: 300-6200 m3 / h, EBT Q: 500-17500 m3 / h, Q UNOBOX: 800 - 18000m3 / h, KBA Q: up to 6000 m3 / h, Q HUCF ECO: 250 - 9500 m3 / h, DV / DH Q: up to 16,500 m3 / h, Q TIS: 75 - 1000 m3 / h, Q RFE: up to 900 m3 / h, BCTB Q: up to 1700 m3 / h, ECT, CU-LT
Registration Firewall rectangular HERUS S, HERUS T, P: 266 - 249W, CADB SQ: 1200 and 2000 m3 / h, CADT TQ: 2500-8000 m3 / h, CAD / T D-DI-DC, CDFI Q: 200 - 5000 m3 / h, Q RIX: up to 4700 m3 / h

Incendio, CR60, CR120, CR2, CU2, CU2-15, CA2 Registration Firewall recessed rectangular, circular GR1Grelha Firewall, Firewall GV1 Grid rectangular, SC Registration Firewall circular cartridge, SC Valve Firewall, VR2 Registration smoke removal, smoke removal rectangular VU2 Registration, Registration of smoke control VANTAGE 1W 1-Port, VANTAGE 2V Registration smoke removal of 2 Doors, Firewall Banda MG2, MG2 + T Banda Firewall, MG2 + R Banda Firewall , MG2-A, Banda Firewall, FD Registration flameproof

Corrosive gases, N2, EN2, J2, S2, P, Q: up to 4700 m3 / h, TCO, Q: up to 5500 m3 / h, TCV, Q: up to 5500 m3 / h

Climate, Series F, Series Q CR: 300 - 3250m3 / h, CT Series, Series HW, EFAFUN Q: 100-1800m3 / h P: 300 Pa, EFAKOANDA, Q: 160-705 m3 / h, EFAPACK, EFAPLUG, EFACOMPACt , Q: 1500-15000 m3 / h, EFACOMFORT, AT-A and AT-R, E-AT, ZEN, Q: up to 6475 m3 / h

Air curtains, MINIBEL Q: up to 600 m3 / h, ECO Q: 950-1625m3 / h L: 1000-1500mm, OPTIMA Q: 750-1600 m3 / h P: W 45/98-61/112




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