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Be sure to protect your Industrial Property rights both nationally and internationally.

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A. G. DA CUNHA FERREIRA, LDA is an Intellectual Property Office whose services are aimed at protecting, maintaining, monitoring, and defending the various types of Intellectual Property rights.

These rights are, in particular, Patents of Invention, Models of Utility or Drawings, Trademarks and other Distinctive Signs of Trade, Copyrights, Designations of Origin and Geographical Indications, Variety Varieties and Domain Names. Loans, a varied set of Intellectual Property services supported in the most modern technologies.

We provide services to our clients in 52 countries through specialized correspondents. We have a significant number of clients who have worked with us for over 100 years.

The experience gained over 136 years justifies the continued trust of our customers. A. G. da Cunha Ferreira has been indicated by the MANAGING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY publication as one of the three best Intellectual Property Offices in Portugal, being considered one of the Top Tier, and still nationally referenced as a leading SME.

We are part of the most diverse national and international organizations related to Intellectual Property.



The management of the Cabinet is currently performed by Luís Miguel da Cunha Ferreira and Carlos Alexandre Ferreira Magno, managing partners, descendants of the founder.

The Cabinet comprises a large body of Officers of Industrial Property, with diversified training respectively in the engineering area, and in the legal component.

Eng. Fernando Ferreira Magno (European Patent Office)
Dr. Dina Pereira Dr. Joana Fialho Pinto
Dr. António Pissarra Machado (European Patent Office)
Dr. Manuel Cunha Ferreira

The technical coordination is divided according to the specificity of the materials, being the same to experienced experts in Industrial Property.

Patents: Dr. Teresa Crespo
Brands: Dr. Dina Pereira
Internet Services / Domain Registration: Luis Correia de Matos   

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What are the reasons to entrust the protection of your Intellectual Property Rights to our Office?

1. IPRs are intangible assets of great value to People and in Particular to Companies and should therefore be very well protected;

2. We have a team of multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in all areas of Intellectual Property.

3. We provide advisory services tailored to the needs of clients, both in Portugal and abroad. We help make informed decisions about the best option and protection solution for each case;

4. We monitor and monitor the rights during their term. We have a database of our own that we have set up and updated daily for tens of years, allowing us to act efficiently and effectively in protecting the Rights of our customers.

5. Because good protection can avoid many hardships and many FUTURE costs



If you invest in creating and innovating products or processes with industrial application, remember that your products can be protected by patents!

An invention - is usually understood as a solution to a technical problem - in order to be patentable it is necessary that it complies cumulatively with certain requirements, namely that:

· Novelty;
· Inventive Activity;
· Industrial Application

The protection of its inventions lasts for 20 years from the date of submission of the application. Protecting your ideas and innovations will have the possibility to ensure the investment made in the development of your Company.

The inventions can be alternatively, simultaneously or successively, subject to application of Utility Model.

You can count on the support of our specialists to carry out research, analysis and support in the preparation of orders, namely:

1. Evaluation and analysis of the invention, and preparation of a report on the state of the art;
2. Recommendation on the protection strategy;
3. Writing of the patent application;
4. Support in the answers and examination with the National Institute of Industrial Property;
5. Surveillance and payment of annuities;
6. Alert and monitoring of patents;
7. Technical advice.

Their Inventions may also be protected by patents in the European Community or in any Country of the World. In the presentation of international applications, we have the support of counterparts specialized in this area.



Do you have a company with products or services that you want to promote with consumers?

Want to have your exclusive use? You must then register with a Trademark. A mark which may consist of a sign or set of signs capable of being represented graphically. They can be words, drawings, letters, numbers, sounds or shapes that allow you to distinguish the products or services of your company from those of other companies.

The registration of a mark or sign confers on its holder the exclusive right of its use.

The duration of the registration of trademark is 10 years, counted from the date of the respective concession, indefinitely renewable for equal periods.

You can count on the support of our specialists to carry out your records, namely:    
1. Support and advice on the best mode of registration;    
2. Elaboration of previous feasibility studies of the registry, with evaluation of the probability of success;     
3. Preparation of the application for registration;     
4. Support to the National Institute of Industrial Property;     
5. Daily surveillance throughout the duration of the Mark and renewal notices;     
6. Alert of possible threat to rights;     
7. Technical advice.

Their Trademarks and distinctive signs may also be protected in the European Community or in any Country, as we have offices of international professionals specialized in this area spread all over the world.



Did you know that creative and artistic activity, in the literary, scientific or other similar area, do not require any formality of registration? But is the same possible and recommended in certain circumstances?

When these rights are associated with other rights protected by industrial law, it is recommended that these works be deposited with the Inspectorate-General for Cultural Activities, a body that, if necessary, will confirm the ownership of the rights.

A. G. da Cunha Ferreira, has a wide and varied set of skills that allows us to advise on the promotion of these deposits with the competent body, monitoring their implementation.

You can count on the support of our specialists to register your intellectual property, namely:     
1. Register your works with the appropriate entities;     
2. Elaboration of the application for registration;     
3. Counseling.

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Did you know that it is very important to have a web address? The development of digital communication is the way to have the personalized presence of your COMPANY, BRAND or ORGANIZATION on the Web.

A domain is a unique address, such as or .com etc, which directs Internet visitors to your personal page or WebSite. You can also use it to customize your companys E-mail addresses, defining addresses of type:

Registering a Domain is the first step in establishing your personalized Web presence. It also serves to customize your Email addresses.

We also register generic domains such as .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name and multilingual generics .com and .net, as well as other territorial domains related to other countries .

You can count on the support of our specialists to register your domain with national ( or international extension on the Web, namely:     
1. Support in registering, and renewing your domain name;     
2. To give you all the information about Elaboration of the application for registration;     
3. Technical advice.



You know that producing and marketing copies or imitations of Trademarks is a crime?

Do not allow others to misuse your Brand to sell products or services that are counterfeit to yours.

Counterfeiting is the reproduction and imitation of trademarks, models or designs, constituting a criminal offense. It is a practice that increasingly assumes statistical expression and has a strong impact on the national economy.

Their combat must be understood by businessmen as a priority, as often the dubious quality of products can cause irreparable damage to a company.

A. G. da Cunha Ferreira, has the technical means to provide integrated services to defend the rights of its clients in this specific area, having a team with special training and experienced in the management of the entire file that the cases of counterfeiting involve.

You can count on the support of our specialists to assist you in the defense of your industrial property rights, namely:     
1. Reception and follow-up of notifications received from official entities;     
2. Elaboration of expertise for counterfeit products;     
3. Alert and support for the content.      



Do you know that it is possible to register new plant varieties?

The acquisition of new plant varieties, and consequent product, are subject to special legal protection.

The register of plant varieties is constitutive of the breeders right, which according to the type of plants to which they relate (herbaceous or woody), has a duration limited to 15 or 20 years respectively.

A. G. da Cunha Ferreira, was a pioneer in Portugal in the promotion of applications for registration of plant varieties, accompanying the development of this matter. Alongside national protection it is also possible to protect plant varieties at Community level.

The formulation of applications for registration, follow-up and maintenance of rights are also part of the specialized services that the A.G. da Cunha Ferreira office provides.

You can count on the support of our specialists to carry out your records, namely:     
1. Preparation and formulation of applications for registration;     
2. Follow-up and maintenance of rights;     
3. Technical advice.



Do you produce your products in a region with unique characteristics?

It may then adopt a designation of origin, which is the name of a region, a specific place or country, which serves to designate or identify a product originating from that country, the characteristics and qualities of which depend essentially and exclusively on the geographical environment, Including natural and human factors.

Designations of origin and geographical indications, when registered, constitute common property of residents or established in the locality, region or territory, in an effective and serious manner, and may be used interchangeably by those who exploit any branch of production in the respective area When authorized by the holder of the registration.

The registers of the designation of origin and geographical indication shall have unlimited duration.

You can count on the support of our experts to register a name or geographical indication, namely:     
1. Support and advice on the chances of success of the registration of a designation of origin or geographical indication;     
2. Elaboration of the description of the process, in order to highlight the characteristics that allow the registration of the right, as well as evaluation of the probability of success;     
3. Preparation of the application for registration and all its accompaniment with the INPI;     
4. Support to the National Institute of Industrial Property;     
5. Technical advice.



If you bet on creating products or articles with unique characteristics, due to their shape, appearance and / or materials, please remember that they can be protected by Design or Model!

The Design is an exclusive right granted to the creator, or his successor, with respect to the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of a product and not to its technical functions.

It can be an industrial product or a craft item. The main requirements for granting this right are novelty and singularity.

The duration of a Design is 5 years, from the date of submission of the application and renewable for periods of 5 years, in a maximum of 25 years. Its designs may also be protected in the European Community or in any Country of the World.

When submitting applications abroad, we have the support of similar offices specialized in this area.

You can count with the support of our specialists to carry out the analysis and support in the elaboration of requests, namely:
1. Evaluation and analysis of the product, and preparation of an opinion on its novelty and singular character;
2. Advice on the drawing up of the application for a design;
3. Support from the National Institute of Industrial Property;
4. Technical advice.  

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Are you registered with the National Register of Legal Entities?

Do you know the advantages they can have? Communication of the existence of a registered trademark to the RNPC (National Register of Legal Entities) is very important because it prevents future social denominations or firms that include expressions similar to or similar to their brand in the same area of ​​activity .

With this registration you can avoid many complications and large future expenditures.

A. G. da Cunha Ferreira can execute these communications with the RNPC, at a low cost.  



Need to translate technical documents, instructions or others?

We have a large internal and external team of translators specialized in various technical areas (engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical and others), and with extensive experience in document translation. Our team is accustomed to working in very sensitive areas, such as patent documents, in their technical and legal aspects.

Our company is governed by very strict rules of ethics, we can ensure the confidentiality of all the work done.

We do certified translations.



Need help creating your Brand or Logo?

AG Cunha Ferreira can help in the design of the characterization of distinctive signs of the market, such as brands and logos, with many advantages, since it has as its starting point an analysis of the viability of registration, with a view to an entire sequence of an effective request of Registration.

It offers an integrated service of high artistic and technical level.

For the accomplishment of these services A. G. da Cunha Ferreira has an unequaled experience in Marks, and we have established, working partnerships with creative and design offices, which allows us to carry out a high quality work.

You can count on the support of our specialists to design your Brand or Logo, namely
1. Elaboration of the feasibility study for registration
2. Support for the design of the signal, or signs constituting the Mark;



Do you own industrial property rights? Do you want to monetize these rights by granting an operating license?

The exploration license is one of the legal files most used today by the holders of industrial property rights (especially those related to patents, designs, and trademarks), and serves as a means to monetize their investments.

A. G. da Cunha Ferreira, has the necessary means to provide an adequate assessment and consideration of this modality of exploitation of industrial property rights, based on the competence of its technicians and the experience acquired over many years.

Our team is able to provide you with the most diverse support, in particular
1. Advice on the best modality;
2. Take the necessary steps, whether at the stage of formulation, conclusion or official validation of the licenses granted;
3. Technical advice.

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