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Criatus, Engineering & Construction

The Company

Founded in October 2007 and with its headquarters in Gondomar, Criatus is a leading-edge company providing services of Engineering and Construction using LSF (Light Steel Framing) who offers custom solutions for residential spaces on a turn-key basis, commercial spaces and offices.


The company is composed by a young and dynamic team of qualified professionals with a vast experience including engineers, designers and planners.


Criatus is established in the Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian markets.


Company’s Mission

To conceive and construct buildings at the forefront of technology and innovation, for an active, ambitious and demanding client.

Company Values

Strict adherence to deadlines, quality, competitiveness and a flexible service oriented and adjusted to each client.

LSF Houses - Custom projects

What is Light Steel Framing?

Light Steel Framing is a building system where steel is the main material used for the building’s structure. The parts used are made from thin galvanised steel plates which are then molded, both the bars and the sections have low weight.
The plate is made from galvanised steel immersed in melted zinc which, when cold is molded into the required shape. The system is being developed and used on the construction of buildings in developed countries such as the USA, Japan, Australia, UK and the Scandinavian countries.
LSF is a construction system whose engineering is calculated in accordance with the EU regulations, it is automatically certified by LNEC (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil) the Portuguese authority that regulates civil engineering.

Advantages for the Consumer

Advantages for the Construction

Advantages for the Environment

LSF Houses - Custom Projects

Offering a customised design, CRIATUS uses an alternitive building system in its projects, known as LSF (Light steel Framing), a spatial design which guarantees comfort and which meets the needs of its users.
CRIATUS builds anywhere and on all types of terrain, in accordance with the project idealized by the customer, without being constrained by modules and using both contemporary and traditional architectural methods. It should also be noted that when building with LSF all the elements used are highly performant both accoustically and in terms of thermal insulation.
When rehabilitating buildings, the low weight of the steel and of the other materials used when building with LSF, makes this the ideal building method when rehabilitating old buildings, particularly in some areas (historic centres) where access is limited and where using lighter materials allows for an easier method of construction.
The use of low weight materials, sometimes eliminates the need to reinforce the structure of the buildings, being much more cost effective when replacing wood floors or degraded roofs and sometimes this advantage makes LSF the only possible alternative to divide spaces or to add new floors.

Low Cost Houses

Advantages for the Consumer


  • - Speed of execution: Before, building a house was a long and painful process. Now all that is needed is a few months to have the keys to your new house in your hand.
  • - Versatility: This alternative system for construction allows for quick changes and for adding new spaces and also for a better use of the internal space, adding to the useful area available.
  • - Reduced costs: By taking less time and using less workers during construction, this system reduces its costs.
  • - Guaranteed insulation: Excellent thermal and accoustic performance.
  • - Simplified Maintenance: The steel used in LSF construction undergoes a galvanisation process which gives it an anti-corrosion protection, the use of materials with high elasticity eliminates fissures and infiltrations on the walls, a change in the electrical installation is equally simple with a very low cost maintenance.
  • - Fire Safety.


Light Steel Frame Structures

Advantages for the Environment


  • - This system reduces the construction’s ecological footprint through:
    • - Cleaning: It’s a dry construction, avoids waste of materials and doesn’t produce any refuse.


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Will a steel framed home look different to other homes ?
No. A steel frame home will look exactly like any other home. The same exterior finishes can be applied to a steel frame as those applied in standard construction.

Can a steel framed house be remodelled?
Yes. Since steel framing enables larger spans in the design of the home, fewer interior load bearing walls are needed, making renovation very easy while allowing more flexibility in design.

Will a steel frame home rust?
No. The use of zinc coating on the steel framing protects the steel from corrosion for the life of the structure.

Is a steel frame safe during an earthquake?
Yes. Steel has less probability of damage during an earthquake. A lighter structure with stronger connections results in less damage from seismic force.

Is a steel frame safe from lightning in storms?
Yes. A steel frame actually allows more protection for the occupants since it provides a direct path to the ground in the event of a lightning strike. This reduces the likelihood of explosions or secondary fire.

Does it cost more for electrical or plumbing work with steel frame?
No. The studs and plates have pre-punched holes to facilitate easy cable installation. Grommets are fitted to protect the cable sheathing.

What about the cost of steel frame?
Steel frame is a comparable alternative to traditional building methods in cost comparisons.

Is it easy to hang pictures on steel framed walls?
Yes. Lighter pictures can be hung from the drywall with toggle bolts or hangers. Heavier objects can be hung with screws attached directly into a steel stud, easily found with a magnet.

Will my project be built more quickly?
Yes. On average steel frame buildings are completed at least 25% faster than traditional methods of construction.

What about fire?
Steel frame houses are fire resistant. Studs, joists and rafters do not add fuel to a fire. Actual case studies show steel houses perform very well in house fires, with little or no damage to the framing structure.

Steel expands or contracts as the temperature changes. Is this a problem?
With steel framed houses, this movement is negligible due to minimal direct heat transfer to the frame, even in hot weather. Steel has a compatible expansion coefficient with that of plasterboard, so minimising the incidence of cracking.

Is steel framing mould resistant?
Yes. Steel frame structures are built so that there is adequate ventilation, while allowing for controlled environments inside the building to be safe and energy efficient. Using steel limits the sources of food for mould, preventing its growth.

Are steel frames electrically safe?
Yes! Steel frames are safe because the frames are earthed and if exposed to a live wire, the circuit will short and trip the residual current safety switch, so there is little chance of touching anything active.

Is steel framing energy-efficient?

Yes. Home owners experience significant reductions in their heating and air conditioning bills. Many find that once their homes are heated or cooled, it takes much less energy to maintain a desirable temperature.

Breathe easier!
The Healthy House Institute recommends steel frame homes for good indoor air quality. Home owners are exposed to fewer toxins in a steel framed building.

LOW COST HOUSES Construction

Advantages for the Construction


  • - Fast planning and execution
  • - Vesatility: Clean building method, economical, light and versatile. Less weight per m2 optimizing the size of the structures and foundations. Easy to install hydraulic and electric systems and several options for materials and finishes


  • The first Light Steel Frame (LSF) systems for the UK market were developed in the 1980s. LSF has recently become an established form of construction recognised with inclusion in the current Building Regulations. 

    LSF is extensively used for infill walling in multi-storey structures for both commercial and residential use. Provision for rooftop extensions and penthouses is facilitated through using a lightweight construction away from the load bearing structural lines. LSF is commonly used to form the structural frames for residential housing and apartment constructions from 2 to 12 storeys.

    Benefits of LSF construction include:

    • Speed
    • Accuracy
    • Dimensionally stable in the changing environments from construction site to occupied building
    • Typical construction details achieve a very good thermal performance and are very air tight
    • Lightweight, reducing the bearing loads on foundations
    • Flexibility in design, can accommodate most design features including curved walls

    The LSF industry has been capacity constrained over the last few years, however a number of new entrants to the market and capacity increases from the established players will allow significant growth over the next few years. Traditionally the industry has been dominated by the roll formers of the sections (studs & track), who also supplied the know-how to assemble them. More recently down stream players such as dry lining or cladding sub-contractors have diversified into LSF, bringing with them a more practical knowledge of the construction industry and its requirements.

    As a result, the service to the main contractor is improving. These new suppliers are developing diverse, new, practical and more cost effective methods of designing, assembling and constructing LSF. These include field factories next to the job site to reduce transport costs and lead-time from design to erecting. Most importantly, the more enlightened are now offering integrated packages including internal and external claddings and the roof element to provide the main contractor with a true, rapid dry envelope from a single sub-contract package.

  • Steel framing is 60% lighter than timber frame and many times lighter than traditional methods of construction.
  • Build times for light steel frame structures are 50-60% less than traditional methods.
  • Steel offers the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material.
  • Framed buildings are easier to insulate and are more comfortable! They are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Framed buildings are much faster to construct and are very cost efficient.



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